Hollander Glass has incompetatent management

Toronto, Ontario 1 comment
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I am a glass business in ontario that has been in business for 22 years.I kiln form glass for a living but generally stay away from colour unless it is in stock at Hollander.

If I order glass, they will not take steps to get it in a timely manor. They will not stock with consistency common colours. In the past when Hollander says a colour is out of stock I have contacted the manufacture to discover it is in stock.

There most common blue colour once took over 6 months before they got it in.Even though the factory said it had lots.

Review about: Coloured Glass.



i assume you are refering to Hollander Glass Canada since you are located in Ontario? This company is run independently and has no wonership or management ties with any of the Hollander,s located in the USA.

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